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News 2019

Hi!, please report any error messages or 'issues' using 'Send us a Message' link.

This is a FREE system that rivals commercials sites and is intended to help Students and Academics of all nationalities.

PS: I am adding data all the time but feel free to send your own (look at existing ones for a model), we can credit the question with your name or institution name if you so wish. Academics are allowed to insert and update the data they submit directly into the system.

Some content used in this website (text, images and articles) is taken from and has links to wikipedia, wikimedia commons and other websites. 'Pascal' would like to thank these websites and their contributors, as without them this project would not be possible.

08/12/19 - Added 40 sets of spectral data, total to date is 115 sets!

20/09/19 - Screen display of sample information accessible from front page under menu choice 'Sample List' or as link on 'Current No of Samples: xx'.

21/06/19 - Bug hunting for the next couple of weeks!

10/06/19 - Pascal application to be presented at the AbSciCon-2019 in Bellevue, Washington on the 24th-28th of June!.

07/06/19 - Developed Plot Chart to be used by Analytical Engine.

04/06/19 - Completed development of Analytical Engine.

01/06/19 - Started Development of Analytical Engine to add some 'intelligence' to the search/comparison algorithm.

26/05/10 - Created an 'Academic Chat Room' exclusive to this level while keeping the 'Generic Chat Room' for non-Academics to enhance privacy between the groups.

24/05/19 - Added 'Single Value' Search --> SV and 'Molecule Vibration' Search --> MV under 'Long Search' Screen.

13/05/19 - Added 'Single Value' Search --> SV under 'Quick Intelligent Search' Screen

01/05/19 - Added secure communications via https://. Check the green lock in the web browse, all your data is now secure!

05/03/19 - Proposal to present Pascal™ ideas to the AbSciCon 2019 June conference was accepted!

03/03/19 - Completed Administration Screen & Modules to manage data and users.

01/03/19 - Developed Delete capability for Molecule Vibration Data.

28/02/19 - Developed Update capability for Molecule Vibration Data.

26/02/19 - Developed Insert capability for Molecule Vibration Data.

25/02/19 - Developed Delete capability for Signal Data.

24/02/19 - Developed Update capability for Signal Data.

22/02/19 - Developed Insert capability for Signal Data.

20/02/19 - Link to Wikipedia information from molecule signal.

19/02/19 - Created dependency between near IR and mid IR signatures to allow broader outlook of sample data.

16/02/19 - Allowed Search to use different metrics such as µ or cm-1 transparently.

10/02/19 - Display single molecule signal - when match, such us HO- ore H2O, etc... against single signal metric - on 'Quick Search'.

05/02/19 - Completed 'Quick Intelligent Search', a more dynamic way to access samples. Needs Registration for use.

10/01/19 - Login/Register capabilities allowing LVL-0 or PUBLIC / STUDENT or LVL-1 / ACADEMIC or LVL-2 levels.

08/01/19 - Extended maximum searchable data-points to 18.

06/01/19 - Developed HQI - High Quality Index to determine 'value of match'.

03/01/19 - Developed sample search for public use.

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