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• John A. Zenkner (BSc Geology, MSc Geochemistry, Research Student)

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Hi!, please report any error messages or 'issues' using 'Send us a Message' link.

This is a FREE system that rivals commercials sites and is intended to help Students and Academics of all nationalities.

PS: I am adding data all the time but feel free to send your own (look at existing ones for a model), we can credit the question with your name or institution name if you so wish. Academics are allowed to insert and update the data they submit directly into the system.

Some content used in this website (text, images and articles) is taken from and has links to wikipedia, wikimedia commons and other websites. 'Pascal' would like to thank these websites and their contributors, as without them this project would not be possible.

22/12/18 - Implemented create spectral data screen under academic option.

01/12/18 - If you have any suggestions email me at ''.

03/12/18 - Developed chat room and private message email.

01/12/18 - Created password maintenance procedures.

29/11/18 - Implemented login and logout system.

26/11/18 - Started work on a Spectral Analysys tool to quickly determine mineralogy/Geochemistry of samples. You are welcome to submit suggestions or contribute with data!

01/07/17 - Presented my thesis, 'CRISM Observation ID: 00012FC3 Geomorphology, paleochannels and hydrated minerals'.

01/06/17 - Completed my MSc Geochemistry at London University.

00/00/00 - If you have any suggestions email me at ''.

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