Pascal™ Help Screen

When entering the 'Welcome to Pascal™' website for the first time, you will only have access to single spectral analysis signatures, to make use of the enhanced capabilities available, you will have to Register and Login into the system.

The system uses pop-up windows for messages, information, mail, help, etc... Please allow pop-ups for this website.

My Data (links)

If you are an academic, various links are displayed with Data information Status such as Rejected Signal Data.

...or submitted data waiting for approval.

The 'Universities Registered' link, displays a pop-up unique list of the university declared by each user during the registration process.


The bar Menu is the best way to navigate the website. The most important menu group is the 'Applications' option. Try and experiment!


Logout - Logs you out of the system; try to logout rather than exiting the browser (for security reasons).

Chat1 Gives you access to the 'Generic Chat Room', type a message and click on 'Chat/Refresh' to send it. Clicking the same button refreshes the message screen as well. This is a PUBLIC chat room!

mail0 or mail1 Indicates You have mail!; you can also use this facility to send private mail to other users.

HelpBut Context sensitive help.